Meet a Member: Kevin Gill from White Rhino Apps

Kevin Gill, owner of Portsmouth-based app development company White Rhino Apps, tells us about his experience in co-working offices at Innovation Space.

Kevin builds branded apps for mobile devices, giving companies a foothold in the ever-growing, unstoppable world of smartphones, tablets, and all manner of other portable hardware.

White Rhino Apps have been at Innovation Space for just over a year. Kevin highlighted the welcoming open-plan atmosphere of the building: “There are opportunities to talk about business challenges and things like that, but also just a social chat.

“I attend the Wednesday evening events — there’s always something new I pick up, regardless of the topic.”

Through the links between Innovation Space and the University of Portsmouth, Kevin has had the chance to work with students, who benefit from the experience and also bring fresh ideas to White Rhino Apps’ projects.

Kevin continued: “I had a student team. They were doing a project for their final year at the Business School. It was really good fun, and very interesting.

“The challenge was focused around marketing and selling technical solutions to non-technical business owners — or, basically, how to sell apps to small businesses.

“I have looked at other office spaces for small businesses, but it tends to be moving from the kitchen table to a little enclosed office, and I can’t really see the benefit of that — you’re still isolated, and you’re still not mixing with people who you would anyway.

“The concept at Innovation Space of moving into a shared office space is absolutely excellent, and very beneficial.”