Business support to help your company grow

We started our business support programme in September 2014 and have run over 100 one-to-ones, workshops, networking events and conferences for start-ups and small companies. Since January 2016 we’ve had over 700 different people register to attend our events. We’re committed to continuing these and providing startups/small businesses somewhere to go in Portsmouth where they can get the support they need to run their business.


We know it’s tough to start your own business. Being expected to know everything about everything puts enormous pressure on business owners. We do what we do because we want to help people. Help those who have an idea or a hobby that they want to turn into a dream in becoming a reality. Our events are a proven way to help you do that.


How do people find out about our events?

Most people who sign up to our events hear about them through our newsletter which you can sign up to by going to the Contact Us page and submitting a request. You can also keep an eye on our Business Support pages or Eventbrite Page to see when we add new events to our calendar. We’re just planning our new series now, so be sure to keep checking back.


How do people rate our events and the presenters?

Making sure that our events are of a good quality with presenters who engage attendees is vital. We’ve worked hard to make sure that businesses get access to the right content, delivered by the right person. Our events are rated as Good and Excellent over 85% of the time, with our presenters scoring 88% in the same categories. We think we’re doing something right!


Are businesses getting the right information at our events?

As much as it’s about the quality of the event (venue, display, comfort, communication etc) and the presenter, it’s about the information businesses leave with that we’re interested in. 90% told us that they received the information their business needed by attending one of our sessions and 80% that it was pitched at just the right level. We recognise the old saying ‘you can keep some of the people happy all of the time…’ probably rings true, but 4 out of 5 isn’t bad!


But would they recommend us to others?

This is the biggest victory for us. Despite everything else suggesting a positive result, we believe in getting a direct answer. And direct we got. 97% of attendees would recommend our event to other startups and small businesses.
This makes us incredibly proud and doesn’t even start to express our gratitude for the presenters who take time out of their day to come and help teach new businesses the skills they need that can make a positive impact on their venture.
If you’re a small business, don’t just believe us when we say that we can help, believe the hundreds of people who have attended before and had a positive experience.


What else do people say?

“Myself and my partner were very impressed with the information we received during the event. Not only did we learn a lot from it, we are also going to enlist the services of the presenter to help with our business. All in all a great event. Keep up the good work!”
Jason Meads, Creative Element
“Thank you so much for organising another useful event. It is such a great help to listen to experienced entrepreneurs share their best practices and tips. It also gives one more confidence knowing that other people have gone the same route and they have succeeded.“
Natalia Michalska, Meehalska
“I liked the short concise information, it was a good over view of what we needed to consider when we recruit staff etc. Very useful!”
Graeme Robertson