Innovation Connect: The Benefits of Connecting with us

Did you know, when you become a member of Innovation Connect you are automatically signed up to a range of benefits and discounts? This is something that Innovation Connect Director, Chris Worrall, was very excited to find out about.

NUS (now TOTUM) Card

Upon receiving his NUS (now TOTUM) card, Chris was delighted to find that he received not only 10% off his lunchtime shop at Co-op but also discounts on eating out (including Pizza Express and Zizi), socialising and even travel essentials such as airport parking.

University Library

Chris also found that he had unlimited access to the University library which is open 24/7 during term time. All Innovation Connect members will be issued with a card to use for access to buildings and this also allows access to free transport around the city on the University of Portsmouth’s bus service.

Tea and Coffee

There is free tea and coffee available in the Innovation Connect buildings as well as a coffee club where you earn points with each hot drink purchase in a University of Portsmouth Café, which will eventually lead to a free drink.

Gym Membership

To counteract this lunching and lack of movement, Chris was pleased to discover that he is also entitled to discounted rates at the University of Portsmouth’s gym, including membership from as little as £13.99 per month.

Business Startup

Starting up a business requires support and guidance through each step, especially if this is a completely new venture. Innovation Connect membership gives you access to a range of support and introductory guidance, such as a registered business address, free use of meeting rooms, opportunities to promote your business via a range of channels including a feature in the Innovation Connect Newsletter, speaking at business events and promoting your business through other local businesses.

Business Base

Basing your business at Innovation Connect puts you in close proximity to other like-minded individuals and groups who may be able to assist you with your business needs and may also provide you with business opportunities to assist them with theirs.