How networking can improve your business

Networking is one of the main elements that define the success of a business. In fact, from my personal experience, a single referrral can make a difference on how much your business will improve and go forward. This is why it is important to make time and efforts worthwhile in networking groups.  In this video, Gethin Jones goes over the benefits of networking and working in an open plan office at Innovation Space altogether. To find more about Gethin and how to book a 1:1 session with him, click here

Gethin Jones is an Inspirational speaker and Development coach who has a track record of supporting teams through organisational change.  His expertise lies in motivating and coaching individuals through personal and professional development. As one of our valued members, at Innovation Space, Gethin explains the clear benefits of working at Innovation Space in a recent interview with Team Locals.  Check out the video above to find out the difference working at Innovation Space has had on Gethin’s business and why he enjoys working here. His moto is:  “I believe that as new businesses we need not to just look at what we can sell or get from others but what support we can offer each other so we can all succeed”

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