Federation of Small Businesses Launches New Membership Category for Pre-Startups

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is a UK business organisation representing small and medium sized business.  Formed in 1974 they offer members a wide range of vital business services.


The FSB announced that as of 20th March 2017 they are re-inventing themselves via the biggest change since their inception in 1974, the launch of two new membership options, in particular, an option for those looking to start their own business, giving them exclusive access to business advisers and networking opportunities.


“When FSB was founded in 1974, we adopted the Ford maxim of ‘you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black’ We had one membership category, delivering the same benefits to all.  That model worked for 40 years, but we recognise that today’s landscape is fast-changing and we want to offer different options to different business owners, as well as to those who are thinking about starting a business, to help them achieve their ambitions.” – Dave Stallon, FSB’s commercial director

One of these membership options, FSB Business Creation, is of particular interest as it is aimed not at existing businesses but those look to start.  FSB Business Creation will offer a range of support in various areas, such as finance, insurance, website setup and general business advice allowing those starting up to concentrate on the important aspects of building their business.


The FSB has taken this step as the UK is becoming recognised as a hub of innovators, having more entrepreneurs that any other European company.  Research from StartUp Britain, a Government-backed national enterprise campaign, recorded a rate of 80 companies being formed an hour in 2016.  This is an increase from 2015 and 2016 figures also showed less startups going bust than previous years.


The FSB recognises that the small business landscape is changing, business needs are changing and more start ups are now operating outside of traditional business models.


“There are huge opportunities for both new and existing smaller businesses at this time, and we’re committed to assisting the nation in harnessing these.  Advances in tech, manufacturing techniques, infrastructure changes, exciting new opportunities, consumer diversification and demand for personalisation, all bring thrilling new prospects.” – Dave Stallon, FSB’s Commercial Director.

The FSB are committed to help startups take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them.  FSB Business Creation has been designed to remove some of the stumbling blocks put before new businesses by providing expert advice and a voice to lobby government where needed.


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